The OptiPiano

The OptiPiano is our take on a large floor piano, like the one seen in the movie Big (1988).

Play melodies and tunes by stepping on the keys with your feet. When a key is pressed it will light up and play its note. Instructions displayed on the walls guide the user to play various well-known tunes.

The OptiPiano is custom-made and can be produced in various sizes, with up to 32 keys in sequence. Running on our own software, the sounds of the instrument can be changed to anything you like; users can play the electric piano, guitar, trumpet, etc., over a funky background loop; or in more humorous exhibits can try an ascending scale of body sounds and animal noises.

The OptiPiano ready for use in the Harrods Christmas Grotto, at the world's most famous department store.

Für Elise

Deck the Halls