Opti-illusion Interactive Floors, Walls & Tables

Opti-illusion interactive floors, walls, tables, and surfaces use motion capture technology to turn any space into a magical play area. Users can play competitive football, stand on a sunny sky, and move around with butterflies following their every action. Even lying on the floor, the smallest movement will create a ripple effect that causes a change in the display. Sound is incorporated to create a multi-sensory experience. Opti-illusion provides a colourful, enchanting, and fun environment that urges movement and touch.

The system turns any space into an exciting experience of activity. It helps creates a completely immersive environment, uniquely inspiring communication and mental agility and engaging users of all ages and abilities. OptiMusic facilitates many fun opportunities, empowering users to explore, play and experiment. We constantly research and develop new activities for quick easy download, and can create unique activities to order, so your system will remain fresh and can be as tailored as you need it to be.

Opti-illusion Interactive Floors

Opti-illusion Interactive Walls

Opti-illusion Interactive Tables