David Guetta performing his hit song Dangerous with the OptiBeams on El Hormiguero, the popular Spanish TV Programme. In this video you will see the presenter of the show demonstrate how to play the system, then it’s the DJ’s turn, adding beats and music.

The OptiBeams

The OptiBeam system is played by passing a hand or any body part through coloured light beams, triggering an event in the software which will in turn play sound, images, video, change the room's lighting, or interact with a game or app. Simple, yet sophisticated.

The smallest motion can trigger the beams. It requires no fine motor skills to be able to play a symphony, pause and resume a video, colour the room, self-learn, and have fun.

A typical installation might have OptiBeams in a circle or line, though the beams can be arranged in any layout imaginable, making the most of any physical space and championing the utilisation of physical space as a learning tool or game design mechanic. A haze machine can further bring the beams into existence, making it even easier for users to know where to break the beam.

Software & Content

Our new Light Work software provides our clients with a ready-made collection of apps and games that have a huge range of user benefits. This collection will continue to grow, meaning completely new experiences will always be just around the corner, whether for education, training, or recreation.

The software runs on a dedicated PC stored in a secure cabinet, away from the OptiBeams where users will be. It can be connected to a number of high-definition TVs or projectors that display the software and their apps, while a nearby Button Box controls software navigation.