Light Work

A New Light

The OptiBeam Interactive Lighting System takes simple human motion and translates it into various multimedia events, in particular images, videos, music, and sounds, enabling anyone to enjoy a story, play their favourite musical instrument, develop their knowledge, or even test their speed and reflexes. The multisensory system we created has revolutionised the way people of all ages and abilities learn, explore, and communicate. 

The new Light Work software emphasises content playing rather than content assembling as we will be regularly adding more and more high-quality, handcrafted content for you to enjoy with your OptiBeams. No training, no expertise, and no valuable time required.

Our 'Puzzle Reveal' selection of games have been reinvigorated with HD pictures and sounds. The difficulty is easily modified during a game session using just the Button Box.
Feel 3D models and worlds come alive with real-time animations, cinematic camera motions, slo-mo, and more.
Multiuser games and apps that utilise random number generation offer unique and memorable experiences to be shared and cherished.

Light Work is a young, polished project, with many great features in the pipeline, but its capabilities today already overshadow its predecessor significantly. Some new features include, but are not limited to: