Sensory Spaces & Products

It Makes Sense

Our family of exciting sensory LED products are excellent standalone and even better in cohesion with others in a full sensory room. In sensory rooms, a user can tailor the colour of the room to suit a desired mood and provoke engagement from activity to serenity. Our sensory LED products encourage cause and effect and improve confidence and general awareness.

OptiMusic's sensory rooms are always modern, interactive, easy to operate (just power on), and require very little maintenance. Each element can be turned on individually as it suits the user. The rooms are designed to stimulate the senses, giving a truly interactive, fun, therapeutic, and educational experience for all types of users, as individuals or in groups. On-site staff will receive training to ensure you draw maximum benefit and utilise the full potential of our systems and products. 

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LED Column

The LED Column, a much safer and sturdier alternative to a standard bubble tube, has moving lights that replicate the floating of bubbles. OptiMusic provides both LED Columns and Bubble Tubes. 

The column comes in 4 different sizes and has 16 modes to cycle through, changing whether it reacts to sound or signal, or just cycles through its various moving colour settings.

This product can change colour automatically when a signal from a room controller is received.

LED Globe

The LED Globe is a vibrant sphere of light that likes to pay attention to its environment. 

The globe has 5 modes that change the way it reacts to touch, sound, or signal, or allows it to continually fade through a cycle of colours.

This product can change colour automatically when a signal from a room controller is received.

LED Ceiling Halo

The LED Ceiling Halo greatly affects the atmosphere of the room it's in with striking, vivid colours.

There are 4 modes that change how the Halo transitions through different colours: flash, strobe, fade, and smooth. These are controlled via the included infrared remote. 

This product can change colour automatically when a signal from a room controller is received.

Fibre Optic Harness

The Fibre Optic Harness is a beautiful curtain of fibre optic strands that is equally as pleasant to touch as it is to see.

The hue and intensity of the strands can be changed using its included remote.

A single Harness comes in 1-, 2-, and 3-metre strand length options and can contain up to 200 strands.

Wall Panels

The Interactive Wall Panels display fascinating light patterns and sounds that are great for engaging users while maintaining focus and having fun. Each Panel encourages vocalisation and helps teach a strong understanding of cause and effect. Users can choose from a good variety of modes that suit their liking. 

Available Wall Panels:

UV Light

The Ultraviolet (UV) Flood Light casts UV light in the room that immediately calms the atmosphere and relaxes the eyes, all while accentuating and unleashing the colours of fluorescent materials within its range.

Purchasable fluorescent products include the UV Bamboo Fibres. 

UV Bamboo Fibres

The Ultraviolet Bamboo Fibers come to life under the rays of the UV Light. The fibers will glow, becoming wonderfully visually stimulating and impressive.

Room Controllers

These unique devices can control and override the colour of ALL receptive units in the room at the click of a button. 

The Tablet app allows the user to select and change the colour of specific (groups of) receptive units.

The Oval has 8 coloured buttons that turn all receptive units to its colour.

Throw or turn the Cube to trigger colour changes. The room colour will change to what the Cube lands on.