Immersive Spaces & Theatres

The most dedicated option that amplifies the sensory experience of if its users, immersive rooms are a combination of OptiMusic products, especially the OptiBeam System and Opti-illusion System and their powerful visual and audio effects. The end result is a truly fun, educational, and unforgettable theatre that increases user awareness, interaction and participation. 3-4 wall projectors shine on each wall; a minimalistic, empty room suddenly becomes an entire 3D world. Up to 24 small, powerful speakers can be installed in the ceiling for the ideal surround sound experience.

The Opti-illusion is projected onto the floor in the centre of the room. The OptiBeam system surrounds it with a good gap between the beams to facilitate enough space for individual and group interaction, drama, movement, dance and more. Both systems can work independently or together, complementing and enhancing the content, sharing the wall projector displays between them in any configuration.

The PCs that run the required software are normally housed in an allocated, secure cabinet in the immersive room or adjacent area. The interactive content played by the systems can be manually controlled using the OptiBeam's button box and the Opti-illusion's keyboard, or can be instructed to change on a timed schedule.