Interactive Staircases & Corridors

Our interactive Staircases & Corridors are part of our "Opti-IR" (infrared) product range, built to ensure durability and longevity. Infrared transmitters and receivers detect motion as you walk past - up stairs, down a corridor, next to a wall - triggering music notes, sound effects, images, lighting, combinations of these, and more. If no one is interacting with the stairs for a certain amount of time, the system can play on its own to attract passers-by. The instance a user steps on the stairs, the system will revert to real-time interaction.

We work closely with our clients and designers to facilitate real-time interaction, bringing life and fun to any location. It is entirely controlled by our software; the PC that runs it is installed in a safe location, with all the required cables neatly hidden away and safely routed to the required zones. Our flexible software allows for unlimited modifications and updates to the media events played.

Up to 16 passive infrared modules can be recessed into walls or stairs, triggering sounds and audio in up to 16 speakers. For staircases and corridors with a visual media output, currently up to 4 projectors or TVs can be connected, each able to display their own picture or video.