Market Areas

Our suite of products is carefully selected and tailored to bring any location, exhibit, or project to life with amazing interactive technologies. The systems appeal to people of every age and ability, providing professionals and newcomers alike with a valuable tool to break new ground in therapy, technology and the arts. We have worked with many clients in education, entertainment, special needs, leisure, and healthcare, to name a few. 

Each proposal is designed with our clients and is custom-made, but some ideas are so sensible that they are used again, perhaps in a different industry. Every project we undertake is a composition of excellent ideas new and old; we encourage you to look at all our galleries for inspiration when inventing a concept for a solution you think would work for your project. Try us.

"We at Science World British Columbia have been using OptiMusic for 17 years and the exhibit has been rock solid with robust hardware and software through millions of visitors and two building renovations. The product allows us to creatively customize the visitor experience and swap between customizations frequently. Visitors have used our OptiMusic exhibits to play virtual drums, tell holiday knock-knock jokes, create soundscapes and be a DJ, all with breaking beams of light. The software also makes it easy for staff members to change out sound settings to offer something new for the day. Over the years, we have been extremely grateful for the OptiTeam willingness to offer helpful tips and walkthroughs when needed. With a low maintenance cost, high level of customization, helpful tips from their team and a flawless, truly magical visitor experience, this system brightens the day of everyone who steps into our Eureka! gallery."
- Parker McLean, Science World, Vancouver. 2022.

Museums & Visitor Attractions

We design and produce interactive exhibits for visitor attractions worldwide, continuously pioneering the fusion of science and art. Our interactive and immersive systems are entertaining, recreational, and educational and caters for any age or ability. They are safe, contactless, reliable, and virtually indestructible (how do you break a light beam?). 

There is enormous scope for creating imaginative entertainment and leisure activities for the general public. Our products can be used to make music, tell stories, play games, and can be used as interactive information points/signs around the museum. Specific themes and concepts can be incorporated and our skilled design team will be happy to assist with guidance and advice to make your vision a reality.

If you have the space and creative ideas, OptiMusic has the expertise in concept development and realisation.

Special Needs

Engaging people with profound learning disabilities in an active exploration of their environment requires patience and powerful stimuli. OptiMusic effectively utilises a unique combination of sound and lights to attract and sustain the attention of its users. Once their interest has been caught our interactive light products become a powerful tool for developing interaction skills and a greater understanding of cause and effect. The bright and colourful OptiBeams act as a powerful stimulus and enable someone with sensory disabilities to locate and focus on the source of the music, while our Opti-illusion floors, tables, and walls are interactive, mesmerising and react to all motion. These visual reference points help users to recognise that their movements are controlling the images they see and the sounds they hear, offering anyone with sensory impairments the opportunity to magically influence their environment. This discovery can be a truly empowering experience. 

As only minimal movement is needed, it is just as easy for those with physical as well as sensory disabilities to fully participate and produce notes, chords, sequences and samples of any instrument - from the gentle sounds of a harp to an upbeat drum loop, from the voices of the jungle to the waves of the sea! OptiMusic can help liberate those that have been refrained from conventional musical instruments through disability.

Our products are successfully used in special schools, day centres, health care trusts, elderly care homes, rehabilitation units and therapeutic organisations proving most beneficial when used with:

School & Universities

OptiMusic supports the philosophy of active participation in the sensory area and recognises its importance as a tool for encouraging interaction, communication and self-expression for all ages and abilities. 

Our brand new Light Work software, which accompanies the OptiBeams, provides access to an increasing library of educational content, games, and self-expression tools, all pre-categorised into various subject areas, from languages and science to sport and relaxation. We work with teachers and lecturers to tailor content that bring distinct and influential ideas to the classroom/lecture theatre, empowering those who learn best while engaged and having fun.


Our products have many meaningful uses and benefits in hospitals, especially for calming or distracting children or those with special needs, whether they are receiving treatment or waiting for someone who is.

For a great case study of OptiMusic in a healthcare institution, look no further than Great Ormond Street Hospital, London. An Opti-illusion system has been installed on the wall of the CT Scanner Room which helps divert the patient from feelings of anxiety and fear before a procedure, while the TV screen and vibrant LEDs on the ceiling helps them stay relaxed and occupied during it. A 'squeeze switch' that controls the colour of our Sensory LED devices upon being clenched not only distracts from pain caused by blood tests and injections, but initially promotes blood flow in the arms as well to make finding the vein easier and thus the whole process much quicker. In the waiting area outside, we have three further Opti-illusion systems - two interactive tables and one floor - so that each visit to the hospital is filled with excitement and positivity.

We can also provide the much-loved LED Sky Panels, instead of or in addition to ceiling TVs, that too give the patient something external to focus on.