Outdoor Interactive Systems

We work closely with your organisation to facilitate real-time interaction in different parts of the garden, bringing life and fun to its visitors by controlling music and sounds. The OptiMusic interactive software is used together with a high-spec audio output configuration to control the interactive outdoor garden. This allows us to send music and audio files to up to 24 speakers scattered in desired locations in the garden, which in most designs are “rock speakers”: resistant to the elements; looking very realistic; and blending into the landscape.

Once the final design is in place, we decide on the best sensors to suit each location and activity, ensuring durability and longevity. The PC is housed indoors, while all required cables for power, data, and audio are safely routed to the outside. Content is customisable and easy to change.

Interactive Garden

Step on the snake’s tail, what animal do you hear? Listen to the sounds of the rainforest as you walk through! Perfect for children and those with special needs, our outdoor sensory gardens engage visitors through music and sound. The interactive software sends audio files to waterproof rock speakers which blend easily into the landscape.

Hot Spots

This simple design comprises of a low wooden platform covered with waterproof carpet, adorned with sensors beneath various shapes, colors, or graphics. The interaction occurs when the user steps on a hot spot, triggering the desired sound effects or music.